Beka Recess 1400 x 700 Walk In 8mm Shower Enclosure inc Tray

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Beka Recess 1400 x 700 Walk In 8mm Shower Enclosure inc Tray

Beka Recess 1400x700 Walk In 8mm Shower Enclosure inc Tray

A beautiful and practical walk in shower enclosure. This enclosure features a hinged panel which can open and close 180 degrees. The bonus of having the hinged panel means the panel can be opened outwards to offer more space to get in and then closed behind to act as a water deflector. A water deflector fits between the two glass panels to prevent water from escaping.

Features: Chrome plated hinges 8mm toughened safety glass Includes Stone resin 45mm low profile shower tray

Specifications Front Glass Panel: 800mm
Optional Glass End Panel Hinged Return Panel
Tray Height: 45m Low Profile 20mm
Adjustment for out of true walls

Why not add the Showerguard Kit, Waste and/or the Leg Set Panel Kit from the top right hand side of this page?

Showerguard Anti Smear, Limescale, Easy Clean Glass Solution Shower Guard How does it work? The showerguard product contains minute molecules of silicon dioxide. On application and within seconds, these molecules fuse with the silicon dioxide in the glass. A chemical reaction then creates a "low energy" surface. This finish, generally known as "non-stick", creates a surface to which contaminants will be less able to stick to, and hence run off the glass within the water droplets. Performance The chemical bond or fusion between the coating and the glass is permanent, and after 24 hours becomes completely inert. Showerguard will make cleaning easier, and less frequent. Any suitable non-abrasive cleaner can be used, the coating will not be damaged. The 30ml bottle will easily cover 3 metres of glass when used sparingly.

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