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Mini Toilet Seat

Thursday, 26 August 2010 21:04:12 Europe/London

Mini Soft Closing Seat

Please note this mini toilet seat is only compatible with the Mini close coupled Wc, Mini back to wall pan and Mini wall hung pan

Price is for the seat including soft closing hinges only
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Mini Toilet

Thursday, 26 August 2010 20:58:42 Europe/London

Mini Toilet inc Soft Close Seat

Compact, uncluttered and fitting in beautifully in today's smaller contemporary bathrooms, cloakrooms and wcs. The Mini Toiletincluding a softly closing seat proves that small can be sensational and very, very practical.

  • Can accept Side outlet connection
  • Horizontal outlet as standard
  • 'S' Trap floor fitting can be used.

  • [TC] Sanitaryware Features & Benefits
    Lifetime Guarantee
    Three Layers of Glaze Designed to Last
    Eco-Friendly Dual Flush 3 and 5 Litres
    Anti Slide Hinges
    UK and WRAS Standard
    Push Down Pan Design ensuring efficient flush with low water usage
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    Assisted Baths

    Tuesday, 20 July 2010 16:05:15 Europe/London

    Rediscover Your Independence Bathing is a pleasant, relaxing experience that can be enjoyed by us all.
    Unfortunately, there are times when this experience becomes difficult to achieve because of the inability to get into the bath with ease.
    The Appollo assisted bathing range of baths is designed to suit people who have difficulty using a standard bath. From those of you living in your own homes, with or without assistance, to those in sheltered accommodation, nursing and residential homes or hospitals, Appollo have a solution to help you.
    And being one of the major bath manufacturers in the UK our products are designed to blend in naturally in any situation.

    The Elegance Series 1

    The Elegance Series I, II and III is a range of assisted bathing offering enhanced features to cope with different assisted bathing situations.

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    Appollo Virgo Walk-In Shower Bath

    Tuesday, 20 July 2010 15:58:26 Europe/London

    The two in one solution, Virgo is both a shower and a bath.

    The enhanced showering area combined with matching shower panels allows for shower installation to be included without the need to forego the convenience of a bath, truely the best of both worlds. Together with the patented design inward opening door, the Virgo's flexibility to satisfy numerous user needs makes this product the ideal choice for an assisted bath.

    Available in two sizes, in both left-hand and right-hand options.

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    Appollo Gemini Double Ended Walk-In Bath

    Tuesday, 20 July 2010 15:53:37 Europe/London

    The Gemini offers bathers the classic double-ended design option in generous proportions.
    The comfortable 1700mm length together with a spacious 800mm width compliment the attractive clear glass door, which makes this walk-in bath a true designer statement in any bathroom together with the additional user benefits.

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    Appollo Maxi Walk-In Tub

    Tuesday, 20 July 2010 15:49:53 Europe/London

    This is a UK Walk in bath. British made with a British warranty.

    With its simple to open watertight door, the Appollo Maxi Walk-In Tub allows easy access to comfortable bathing. Relax on the moulded seat or enjoy the optional shower from either a standing or sitting position.

    This superb assisted bath has such features as an outward opening, watertight door, a single action opening and closing mechanism and optional bath shower mixer system for showering.

    We strongly recommend the use of an approved thermostatic temperature controlled tap or shower mixer system to prevent scolding.

    Available in Left or Right Handed door opening.

    The waste drain on the walk in bath is larger than normal, to facilitate fast draining which is complete in the above price.

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    Choosing Your Shower Enclosure

    Monday, 28 June 2010 16:11:57 Europe/London

    How much space do you have?

    The amount of space that you have available in your bathroom, shower room or en-suite will help you decide which shower tray and enclosure is right. Before choosing an enclosure, carefully measure the floor area and height of your bathroom and plan and mark the position of windows, doors, and opening space required for doors. When choosing your shower tray and enclosure make sure that there will be room to open the door and also adequate space for a drying area - if there is space you may wish to consider incorporating a tray with drying area into your plan - many shower enclosures now incorporate a hardwood foot board/duck board.

    Types of enclosure

    Ready made cubicles

    No longer just square or rectangular in design, cubicles are available in a variety of shapes to make the most of your available floor space and offer more room to move about whilst showering. Many modern designs feature sleek, shaped curved glass, giving a contemporary feel. Features to look for out for include massage jets, aromatherapy facilities, storage shelves and built in seats. For a real treat, you might even wish to consider a hydrotherapy enclosure, offering the latest in steam room technology for the home. Certainly not a budget option, but a few minutes inside will make the perfect invigorating start to your day or provide an indulgent way to relax in the evening.

    Walk-in enclosure or wet rooms

    Choose from a selection of contemporary walk-in enclosures or wet rooms that will really give your bathroom the 'wow' factor. Curved fixed panels, designed to wrap around a specially designed shower tray, dispense with the need for moving parts. They are available as right and left hand options to suit any space, in a selection of sizes and in a choice of framed or unframed finishes. Accessories such as teak shower mats and solid seats complete the look and provide a shower enclosure that makes a real style statement in the home.

    Choosing shower doors and panels

    Available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit most bathrooms in either framed or frameless designs, shower doors can be used alone in an alcove or with a combination of shower panels to create an enclosed shower space. Shower doors feature magnetic catches to ensure a snug and watertight fit when closed.

    Types of door

    Sliding doors - A space efficient option that will free up valuable space in your bathroom.

    Pivot doors - Make sure you have sufficient space in front of your shower to open this door - doors can be hung for left or right access.

    Bifold door - Ideal for when there isn't room for an outward opening door.

    Materials and finishes

    Doors and panels are manufactured from toughened safety glass for durable long life. Both clear glass and opaque options are available, or the door and panels may be treated with a variety of patterns and borders to create an eye-catching effect and preserve modesty.

    Frames are available in silver and chrome-effect finishes for a modern look, or classic white to blend with any bathroom scheme. Frameless models are made from thicker glass for extra protection. They are ideal for a contemporary scheme as they create a spacious, open feeling.

    Bath screen options

    Fitting a shower over your existing bath is a popular alternative to the shower enclosure. A bath screen will protect your floor from water, providing a close fitting seal with the bath and will offer far greater protection than a shower curtain, especially if you are installing a power shower. Screens can be fitted to either end of the bath, and are available in full or half-length options. Manufactured from toughened safety glass, they are available framed or unframed in a range of finishes, in a choice of clear or patterned glass

    Choose from fixed or hinged screens, which are either fixed permanently to the wall or fitted with a swivel hinge to allow easy access; bi-fold screens which fold when not in use - a great choice for small spaces or sliding screens which consist of two screens that slide along the full length of the bath to create a private enclosure for showering. Accessories to look out for include integrated towel rails and shelves.

    Shower trays r

    The shower tray is the foundation of the shower enclosure, and will ensure a water-tight shower enclosure and adequate drainage. Trays are available in a range of shapes and sizes, from compact options to luxurious designs, incorporating separate drying areas. Made from cast stone or heavyweight acrylic, for added safety, look for non-slip surfaces. Deeper trays are available for use with a power shower as this will require higher drainage than a standard shower. Careful installation is required to ensure the tray does not flex under pressure or cause leaks. It is advisable to have your shower tray fitted professionally to ensure that it is level and firmly installed.
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    Shower Trays & D Shaped Shower Enclosures

    Monday, 28 June 2010 15:13:07 Europe/London

    D Shaped Shower Enclosure

    We sell a range of enclosures so please note when ordering, we specify our tray hand options as per the images underneath. An example of precision design and engineering, this stunning cubicle is made up of four thick, clear glass panels. The centre two curved panels are the doors which slide effortlessly on high quality rollers and close with a watertight seal

    • Unique single wall installation
    • Two easy-glide slider doors
    • Magnetic power shower proof total seal doors
    • Chrome finish
    • 6mm British standard safety glass
    • Ten year manufacturer guarantee
    • Simple to install
    • Clear concise installation instructions
    • Free-phone technical help line
    • Tab is an established Italian bathroom manufacturing company
    • Height including tray = 1920mm
    • Complete with reinforced tray
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    Assisted Bathing, Why?

    Friday, 25 June 2010 15:48:19 Europe/London

    For people who don't require assistance once they are in the bath, a fixed height tub with a bathlift or seat may be a practical solution.

    The seat may be an integral part of the bath, as with the system shown below.

    Installed systems include supportive floor-mounted chair lifts, which allow the user to remain seated as they are swivelled into the bath and then lowered into the water. For people who have difficulty raising their legs, some floor-mounted lifts will raise the user sufficiently high to clear the edge of the bath with minimal leg movement, and there are also models with an integral leglifter.

    Bathlifts that sit in the bath are convenient in that they can be completely removed when not required.

    Maintenance Contract
    In order to ensure years of pleasurable bathing in your Appollo bath, we strongly recommend the use of Appollo's Service and Maintenance Contracts including a bi-annual LOLER (Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations) inspection required for commercial premises only

    Warranty Card
    A Warranty Card will be included with your new bath. Please return this card to Appollo in order to instigate their free commissioning service.

    Free Commissioning Service
    Once your Appollo bath has been installed, Appollo will send out a fully trained technician to ensure that it has been fitted in accordance with the manufacturer
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    Assisted Bathing from Aquabliss

    Friday, 25 June 2010 14:20:41 Europe/London

    Assisted Bathing

    The Appllo Elegance I features a hydraulically powered seat lift, which lowers and raises the bather out of the water. To allow standard bathing for all the family.

    Appollo Elegance 1 Assisted Bathing Offers:
    • Hydraulically powered seat lowers and raises the bather in and out of the water.
    • A manual action through 90 degrees rotates the seat in and out of the bath.
    • Hydraulic action is battery powered, with a mains connection to maintain battery.
    • Outside the bath, the seat can be lowered hydraulically to the required height. This is particularly useful for people in wheelchairs as they may be able to transfer directly from the chair. Built-in safety mechanism prevents the seat from being lowered on to the side of the bath.

      Hand-held control operates lift system.
      • Seat lifts up to 24 stones (150kg) weight.
      • Available in either 1485mm or 1685mm lengths.
      • Both 745mm wide and 515mm deep.
      • Removable seat to allow standard bathing.
      • Left or Right hand option, supplied with side.
      • panel. Optional end panel.
      • 12 Jet Air spa option for hydrotherapy massage.
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